meditation & hypnosis CDs


Clearing Emotional Blocks (29 min.)

Designed to gently assist the subconscious in releasing beliefs, emotions and past experiences that may be keeping you from being as happy and healthy as you can be. Special emphasis on building self-acceptance and self-worth. Voice over soothing background music.


Intuitive Eating for Weight Release (28 min.)

Especially effective after using Clearing Emotional Blocks for a month, this CD will assist you in getting re-acquainted with your natural, intuitive sense of what your body needs and wants for food and exercise. It's based on the basic principles of intuitive eating and does not advocate "dieting", but rather encourages you to trust the part of you that knows exactly what you need. Voice over nature sounds and soothing background music. Learn more about the concepts of intuitive eating here.


Powerful, Healthy Body (28 min.)

This process taps into your own inner resources to harness physical, mental, and emotional capacities to heal and feel more comfortable, emotionally and physically. It's a helpful adjunct to appropriate medical care in recovering from many illnesses and pain conditions. Please consult with a physician about any health concerns before listening to this CD. Voice over sounds of rain and soothing background music.


Keeping Faith With Yourself: Building Confidence (19 min.)

The root meaning of the word "confident" is to keep faith with one's self. Used as an adjunct to Clearing Emotional Blocks and Intuitive Eating for Weight Release, this CD re-trains your mind to speak kindly to yourself and to take care of yourself emotionally so that you feel strong and confident in the world. Voice over sounds of rain and soothing background music.


Self-Hypnosis Support for Surgery, 2 CD Set (32 min. and 29 min.)

Based on extensive research on hypnosis and surgery, Disc 1 provides support for a stronger body and calmer mind before and during surgery, while Disc 2 assists in rapid healing and pain relief post-surgery. Please consult your physician before use.  Voice over soothing background music.  Learn more about these surgery CDs here.


Note:  All Jennifer Polle recordings on this site are offered as an adjunct to appropriate medical and mental healthcare, and are in no way intended to replace it.  Please consult a physician and/or mental health professional regarding any concerns you may have before using any of these self-healing processes.  


Letting Go of Anxiety (25 min.) 

Based on the concepts of mindfulness meditation, this process is designed to re-educate and calm the part of your brain that is in control of the fear response, so that habitual or conditioned feelings of anxiety become conditioned feelings of calm and confidence.  Useful for chronic anxiety, including anxiety-related physical symptoms, as well as other emotional states that tend to feel “stuck”, like anger and grief. Voice over river sounds and soothing background music.

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Self-Hypnosis Support for Chemotherapy & Radiation (27 min.)  

Based on medical research regarding the benefits of hypnosis for symptom reduction surrounding cancer therapies, this recording  is a very useful adjunct to regular medical treatment. Please consult your physician before use. See medical research here. CD and video images for this recording are copyrighted images of photographer Lauren Jonik.

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Intuitive Living (23 min.)

Do you want to learn to more easily tap into the wise part of yourself that already knows the answers? This soothing and upbeat recording encourages tuning into your inner voice in every part of your life--health, work, relationships, play, etc. With a special section on finding the “next step” in situations or decisions that may be troubling you, this is a very practical recording for anyone wanting to learn to listen to and trust their own inner voice and wisdom.